About Us

Photo of Rachael E. Bonoan, Dress Like a Scientist Day author.

Hi, I’m Rachael!


As a kid, I thought that all scientists dressed in a white coat and goggles, ready to mix chemicals and use fancy equipment in a lab. I didn’t realize that in playing outdoors, catching insects, and asking questions, I was doing science. Now as a field biologist (who is often not dressed in a white coat and goggles) and Assistant Professor of Biology at Providence College (Providence, RI), I am constantly inspired by the natural curiosity in young kids. I hope to help kids see the scientist in themselves by showing them that there is more than one way to be a scientist and encouraging their curiosity.

I received my PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at Tufts University (Medford, MA). For my PhD, I studied honey bee nutrition and fell in love with fieldwork. I have published in scientific journals such as Journal of Insect Physiology, and magazines such as Bee Culture, but this is my first kid’s story!


Photo of Billy Dunne, Dress Like a Scientist Day author.

Billy Dunne


While not a scientist by trade, that doesn’t stop me from being one at heart. As a child, my natural curiosity led me to asking questions such as “Do trees make wind?”. As a young adult, I developed a fascination with the science of human behavior. I majored in Psychology at Tufts University, where I met Rachael. Rachael’s personal journey with science inspired me to begin working on Dress Like a Scientist Day. Now I share her goal of helping kids embrace their curiosity and find the scientist within themselves.

Photo of George Sweetland, Dress Like a Scientist Day illustrator.

George Sweetland


Since I could hold a pencil, I have loved to draw.  From my younger years to the present, I always make time to doodle. Through my adventures in the classroom as a veteran elementary school teacher, I have built an enormous love for children’s picture books.  It is my dream to create my own books for readers of all ages. Writing and drawing bring me to my happy place and I just know how amazing it would feel to be able to bring others there with me. Picture books provide the bridge to walk across.