Do Science!

It’s not how we look or the clothes that we wear 
Not seen in a book nor the length of our hair. 

True scientists know that the answers we’ll find
To questions that flow from our curious minds

Are ours to uncover, such sweet satisfaction
So much to discover, so let us take action!

Check out my TEDxTufts talk on how we can help kids identify with science by encouraging curiosity and embracing science as a verb.

Rachael Bonoan, TEDxTufts 2017

Resources for science you can do at home!


Learn about the power of the sun and renewable energy with one of these Sun and Solar STEM Experiments for Kids. Thanks to Northern York STEMette, Aubree (11), for sharing!

Explore your kitchen and your backyard with Discovery Museum’s Discovery at Home guide.

Identify plants and animals, and participate in biodiversity challenges from your own backyard with Seek powered by iNaturalist (requires a smartphone, no user data is collected).

Make your own rock candy, watch a sparkly volcano erupt, and more ideas (61 more!) at Mommy Poppins.

Make your own “lava lamp” in your kitchen and learn about inertia with Steve Spangler on DIY Sci.

Learn about the science behind doughnuts and tea, how to make a lemon-powered nightlight and more with Crazy Aunt Lindsey in The Fab Lab.

Collect data on birds, frogs, clouds, and more as a community scientist.

Smore Magazine, Issue 15, Anne Madden
Smore Magazine, Issue 15, Anne Madden

Read about scientists at work in Smore Magazine (ages 7 – 12) and Lil’ Smore (ages 3 – 7). You can find Anne A. Madden from our own Actual Living Scientists page and Dress Like a Scientist Day author, Rachael, in the Mar/Apr 2020 issue!


Conduct your own experiments with Smore Science’s new Science Kits!

Explore the microscopic world with the affordable and compact Foldscope.

Set up an at-home-lab with a home science kit.

Build an arcade claw, make your own kite and more with a Kiwi Crate (ages 5 – 8).

Virtual Tours, Live Streams, etc.

Ask a scientist about amphibians, the ocean, and more at Boston Museum of Science’s daily live streams.

Observe belugas, jellyfish and other aquatic creatures via webcams at the Georgia Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium. Montery Bay even has narrated feedings!

Learn about bees in the Museum of the Earth’s online exhibit.

Download NASA’s Space Center Houston app for virtual tours, augmented reality experiences and more.

Check out the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History from the comfort of your couch!


Each week, learn about new animals in Just the Zoo of Us. You can even submit species you’d like to learn about.

Learn about viruses and the science of cuteness by listening to Brains on!

Listen to Nate interview grown-ups about science topics from climate change to forensic science on The Show About Science. Nate created this podcast when he was only 5 years-old!

For parents, guardians, and educators

Find free K – 12 educational resources and activities using Science Friday media, developed by the Science Friday Educator Collaborative program.

Download K – 12 lesson plans on everything from acceleration to antibiotic resistance at BiteScis.

Get tips on how to support STEM education at home with Boston Museum of Science’s live streams on topics such as effective questioning strategies.

Match the pre-scientists in your classroom with STEM pen pals through Letters to a Pre-Scientist.

Invite Actual Living Scientists into your classroom through Skype a Scientist.